Earlier developers had to be proficient at a number of coding languages in order to add functions to websites. For Example, to add a social button to your site like Twitter earlier web developers would need to write a piece of code or a link to Twitter and add an image on all the pages.

But now with the advanced properties and functions offered by WordPress and its plugins, this is no longer the case. Presently you just need to search for a Plug-in and install it with the click of a button.

Before moving further let’s discuss the Important features of WordPress plugin:

  • It is highly customizable.
  • Plugins are multi-user capable.
  • They offer a higher level of security.
  • Consistency and Flexibility in design is received.
  • It has been optimized for search engines to help websites rank higher.

But do you know even plugins can be customized? Well, yes, you read it right. Plugins can be customized and here is a list of benefits associated with customized plugins:

Benefits of Custom WordPress Plugins

  • They allow extension of the site’s overall functionality

There are changes experienced by each business in their workings. There is always a need to adjust the usefulness of your WordPress site as felt by a business visionary. Now in these situations the ones that become very helpful are custom extensions. The current usefulness of your website can be enhanced with the use of these plugins and new ones could be included.

The way you need the plugins to perform will be done only by custom plugins. Handcrafted plugins don’t acquaint undesired changes with your website’s usefulness like the downloaded ones. Hence draft a plugin which is best for your site’s execution.

  • Security stress is removed

You will end up in a bad position if you are using a downloaded plugin and somebody identifies a security glitch in it. Instead, you can save yourself from stressing over individuals investigating breaking your plugin’s security with the help of WordPress plugin created by a professional developer.

  • Improves Your Website Speed

For accelerating your site, you need to incline toward custom plugin development for WordPress. There are millions of blogs and articles available over the web which educate you about how plugins improve the general performance and speed of your website. The one that boosts the potential visitors is the speed of a website which can be achieved by a Tailor-made WordPress plugin from a professional WordPress plugin development company.

  • No Worries about Updates and support

The one thing which is advantageous about customized plugins is to change to new overhauls. Hence due to recent updates you don’t need to bother about losing the usefulness of a plugin because of a recent upgrade.

  • Helpful In Creating Backlinks

The ones which are considered to be the building block of search engine optimization are backlinks. The path of immediate business success can be gained by procuring an expert developer. A plugin can be created that can help you in creating the most extreme connections for the site.

But again, even after providing the best ever benefits there are certain WordPress originated plugins which help in customizing your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Before moving to these plugins let’s discuss the need to customize your WordPress Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is the most important part of our website when working with WordPress. It is the place which lets you create new pages, change themes, and set up your entire site settings.

Users with different choices might not like the WordPress dashboard or they may simply find its color not attractive!

And many of you might feel the same, this is the reason why you need to customize the dashboard.

You can white label your WordPress dashboard by customizing it. Hence the look and feel your brand needs can be fully customized.

By arranging the dashboard as per the requirement, you can make your WordPress admin less cluttered and attractive for you and your team.

So, are you ready to customize your WordPress dashboard now?

Here is a list of 5 best available WordPress plugins to customize your dashboard

  • White Label CMS

To customize the entire client experience including the login screen, dashboard and admin menus you can use White Label CMS. Since being a developer, you might have experienced that you have to spend a bit of time explaining all the references to WordPress in any new dashboard.

Confusion can be created by the login screen, the dashboard and all the admin menu item.

Features provided by the plugin

Customize the Login Page

Create a branded login page and impress your client. With White Label CMS Add yours or your client’s logo, add a background image. You can even control the CSS if you wish.

Add Branding to the Header and Footer

In order to stay over the top of the mind of your client with White Label CMS you can add your branding to the admin bar, menu or footer.

Customize the Dashboard

There is confusion in the dashboard which is raised by the clients and people get irritated by asking others to ignore them. Now with this extremely functional plugin you can clear everything from the dashboard and add in your own dashboard panel.

Using the Wizard Setup, The Site Within Seconds

A clutter-free, customized dashboard without having to scroll through all of the options that are available to you can be set up by Wizard.

  • Client Dash

The one which allows you to have full control of the WordPress admin is Client Dash. A live preview of your admin areas is provided by the Customize Admin Tool which has never been seen before. The WordPress backend experience for all roles can be managed. This is done through features like admin menu editing, simplified dashboard widgets, custom admin pages and more.

The following can be customized by client dash:

The Admin Menu

Using the powerful Client Dash Customize Admin tool you are able to completely customize the WordPress admin menu. The items which can be customized are:

  • Customize menu items
  • Reorder all menu items
  • Remove menu items
  • Add new menu items

The Dashboard Widgets

The things which became easy with the help of client Dash are adding, removing, rearranging and customizing WP dashboard widgets.

The Admin Page

A fully customizable Admin Page is offered by Client Dash. Hence you can customize things like:

  • Roles who can view the page
  • The page icon
  • The page content, using the same editor you use for regular pages
  • The page titles

Anything you like can be added to this page. It could also be used as a landing page for clients, an instructions page, etc.

Helpers Pages

A few helpful pages for your users and clients are included by Client Dash. Some basic helpful information is included in these pages. These pages can be renamed, re-positioned, and visible to roles that you specify.

  • Ultra-WordPress Admin Theme

Another best WordPress dashboard plugin is Ultra WordPress Admin Theme which allows you to change the design of your site’s admin area. The white label branding feature which is present in it lets you fully customize the look and feel to your branding needs.

Key Features:

With a drag and drop interface this plugin lets you rearrange/reorder the menu and submenu.

including multi-color, dark-colored, and light-colored themes this plugin comes with 30+ awesome inbuilt themes.

URL links like “Back to Site” and “Forgot Password” can be shown as well as hidden on the login page.

The top bar can be enabled/disabled both for front and back ends.

With the Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin, it is well compatible.

  • Ultimate Dashboard

With the use of the Ultimate Dashboard plugin, you can create a custom WordPress dashboard for you and your clients.

With the help of the ultimate dashboard tool, you can turn the confusing WordPress dashboard into a dashboard your clients will love.

WordPress’s logo can be removed from the top bar and hence you can also create a branded login screen.

Key Features:

  • With HTML & CSS you can create Custom Admin Pages (Top-Level & Sub-Menu).
  • WordPress Dashboard and WordPress login screen can get custom CSS added.
  • With the plugin you can restrict widgets to specific user roles or even only to specific users.
  • You can change the WordPress login URL and hide the /wp-admin/ URL for non-logged-in users.

This tool is fully compatible with WordPress multisite.

  • Ultimate Dashboard

To easily manage the columns shown in the dashboard you can use the column admin plugin by WP. This plugin helps in transforming admin screens into beautiful, clear overviews.

WordPress content management panels with beautiful columns to make it look organized and user-friendly can be made by this plugin.

Key Features:

  • By any WordPress list table, you can sort any column
  • Bulk editing of multiple items can be done
  • In a CSV format, custom exports of your WordPress content can be created
  • You can create columns that belong to a certain task or context
  • In order to fit more content in a single table this plugin comes with horizontal scrolling.


To sum up, I would say if you wish to enhance the features of a standard installation of WordPress use plugins. The features you need to build a strong website are all provided by WordPress. With the help of WordPress plugins, you can enhance both form and function, in turn making site management tasks easier, more appealing, and more efficient.

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