WordPress is quite known for the ease that it provides while building a website. The entire focus remains on building the website when WordPress comes into the discussion. However, maintenance is equally important to ensure that your website works properly.

WordPress website maintenance is fortunately easy, just like building a WordPress website. WordPress website maintenance has many tools and services that make maintaining the website even easier.

Not all WordPress services are the same and their features vary in various ways. One should select the services that provide features like automated backups and staging areas while keeping everything on your website up to date throughout.

Moreover, the WordPress maintenance services that you use for your WordPress site must deem fit for the requirements of your website.

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

  • WordPress Maintenance Mode

The majority of the functionality of your website is controlled through a dashboard. But, some of the tasks that affect the performance are supposed to be done while maintenance mode is enabled.

Maintenance mode brings smooth functionality especially when you are making some changes to the site’s theme or functionality. Until the changes do not come into effect, users can’t access your website.

To switch to maintenance mode, you either use a plugin or add a custom functionality to your site’s functions.php file.

  • Maintenance Mode Using a Plugin

Switching to maintenance mode through a plugin is the easiest way forward. It takes care of everything that is necessary which makes things much simple and pragmatic for you.

First of all, you will have to choose a maintenance plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory. After choosing the right plugin, you can install it to activate the plugin in the dashboard.

Post activating, move to the settings that can be found under the plugin’s name. Here you can activate the maintenance mode for your WordPress site.

  • Maintenance Mode Using Add a Function Method

If you are a developer or a coding freak, the function methods could be the way forward for you for the maintenance of your website. You can add code to the site’s functions.php file and it will reduce the plugins on your website besides enabling the maintenance mode. But you need to be very vigilant while using this method. You should make sure you have backed-up your website data so that in any mishap, you don’t get locked out of your own website.

To start with, you should navigate to the theme editor option in your WordPress dashboard. You can then place your code in the functions.php file which is meant for the maintenance of your site. After saving the code, your site will shift into maintenance mode.

After the maintenance work is done, all you need to do is to delete the code to reactivate your site so as to enable access to the customers and the users on your website.

  • Some Important Things to Stick with While Maintaining Your Site

Maintaining a website is necessary. But that’s not all. You have to focus on few more necessary aspects to bring a holistic performance to your website. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your website properly besides protecting your website from hacking and attacks.

Back-Up Your Site Regularly

Back-up is really necessary for a website. You never know when things could turn against your website and the prevention and cure in that situation is backup. Backing up both the site’s files and WordPress database keeps you in safe heaven.

Maintain Site Security

Websites are always prone to data hacks and cyber-attacks. Site security is one of the most important things for you to keep your site working in fair conditions.

Site security can be leveraged through scanning your website for malware or hacking and updating plugins and themes.

Some of the security features are provided by the host also. Such services and features make your website even more secure and safe.

Update Your Content Regularly

Updating content on regular basis also enhances your WordPress website’s maintenance. Keeping an updated content helps you track and identify dysfunctionalities and broken links.

Moreover, updated content improves site performance in various ways.

  • Conclusion

WordPress websites are really a great way to keep your business running. But starting or running a website is not enough. Maintaining your website regularly is as important.

WordPress websites come up with various ways that enable you to maintain your website in a legitimate and easy way. It keeps your website updated and working and prevents your website from potential threats and risks of cyber-attacks and hacking.

WordPress maintenance mode is a great deal of feature that is deemed to be necessary. Using either plugin to using function method, you can make your business grow without not worrying about factors that can threaten your website.

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