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WordPress Installation and Configuration Services 

Leave the entire installation, setup, and configuration in the expert hands of Webcresty and start your journey to creating a web presence and brand value.

Packages Starting From*


Packages Starting From*


Install, Configure, and Start Leveraging the Unlimited Capabilities of WordPress 

It’s a digital age and the market is dynamic and competitive. If you want to thrive and grow in this scenario, it’s essential that you move out of your local and geographical boundaries and constraints and reach out to the masses through digital and online platforms. When it comes to that, a corporate business website is the way to go.   

However, you want a well-built, advanced, and functional website on the best web development platforms and CMS to achieve your goals for the web development project. There’s nothing better than WordPress to meet your requirements.   

With its robust functionalities and features and an easy to understand, simple UI/UX, WordPress comes across as the most used CMS for website development.   

However, WordPress is a software in the end and when you are planning on using it, it’s important that you are aided with the expertise of technical and experienced developers.    

First things first, you need to install, setup, and configure the CMS with your system and that requires knowledge and expertise in Cpanel, database, FTP, and a lot more areas. As a non-technical person, these terms may sound very new to you and you may be clueless. So, you know that you need to have an experienced WordPress developer to help you start your WordPress journey.   

Webcresty has got you covered! From installation to configuration, setup, and website development, our expert and experienced developers are talented and have a knack for providing the most scalable solutions and services for WordPress.   

So, let’s get you started with your WordPress Journey! 

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WordPress Installation

WordPress comes in multiple versions and while you may think that being on the latest version is the best, there are possibilities that you may do better with earlier versions based on your business specific needs and requirements. So, it starts from determining the right version for your business website. We help you with that and carry out a seamless WordPress installation to help you with a feature-rich and advanced website.

Theme Installation and Configuration 

Your website themes set its tone and appeal and are crucial to make your website attractive and engaging. So, you need to have a great theme that resembles your business model and connects with the audience. Additionally, you may need to customize the themes to get them in line with your specific requirements. Have it all done with us. From theme customization to the installation and configuration of the customized theme with your website, we’ve got it all covered.

Security Setup and Configuration 

Data being your most important business asset needs to be protected from all security threats over your website. So, you need to install and configure high security features and patches and constantly keep upgrading them to keep your website safe and secure for the visitors and your business. Have all of this done by the experts at Webcresty who use the most efficient and scalable security patches and features on your website to keep up with a safe, secure, and consistent performance. 

Plugin Installation 

When your website has additional features, it caters for better and more enhanced user experiences. Add the most advanced and scalable website features and functionalities by finding the best plugins, customizing them, and installing them seamlessly on your website with the expertise of talented professionals at Webcresty. 

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What are your pricing models for the WordPress Installation and Configuration Services?2023-04-10T13:29:41+00:00

We’ve made sure that we offer you the services as per your needs and requirements at the most reasonable prices that give you value and ROI. Keeping up with the same, we have designed different packages for you to choose from. In case you get confused too about the packages because they are all so good and reasonable, we can set up an initial meeting and our experts will suggest the best package based on the understanding of your business-specific requirements. 

How much time will it take to install and set up?2023-04-10T13:30:48+00:00

This does not require a lot of time. Once we understand your requirements, we will get right at the job, and you shall have the installation and setup completed in between six hours to three days. 

What if I subsequently face any query or issue and require support from your side?2023-04-10T13:31:40+00:00

We are always available for you to address any problems or queries you face at any point in time regarding the installation and setup of WordPress CMS for your website. You can get in touch with us through calls, emails, messages or any other convenient means of communication and we shall be happy to help. 

Why should I take up WordPress CMS Installation and Configuration Services in the first place?2023-04-10T13:32:29+00:00

Websites are an online portfolio of a company. People come to know about you and your business through your website. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a big organization or just a startup, a business website is a must for you. When you want to have that, WordPress is the best choice you can make. However, before you can start building your website over it, you will have to install it, configure it, and set it up. But you might not have the technical know-how for the same, and even if you have some of that, you do not want to take the time off your other more critical and strategic tasks and put it in here. So, it is best that you take up the services of an expert professional for having your website up and running through proper WordPress Installation and Configuration. 

Can I get the WordPress Installation and Configuration Services customized as per my requirements?2023-04-10T13:33:17+00:00

Yes, of course! Having your website catering to all your needs and requirements and resembling your business model is very important to get the best experiences and performance from it. And this will require a certain degree of customization. And you can easily have that with us. We offer WordPress Customization Services for all your needs be it themes, plugins, templates, design, or anything else. 

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