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WordPress Upgrade Services

Upgrade your WordPress website to the latest version for improved security & compatibility, the latest UI, and advanced features. Ensure your site is securely updated and running smoothly. 

Packages Starting From*


Packages Starting From*


Keep Your WordPress Website Up-to-date for Best Performance and Scalability  

You always want your WordPress website to perform to the best of its abilities so that you may leverage excellent functionalities that cater to fulfilling user experiences and bring higher website traffic, leads, and conversions. One of the most important aspects to ensuring the consistency in your website’s performance is making sure that your website is in line with the latest updates and upgrades launched by WordPress.   

However, being sure that your website is up to date with the latest security features, plugins, and website versions is a hectic task. You constantly have to look through the new launches and apply them to your website so that you can explore them and benefit from the advanced features available on the platform. Now, this is a professional’s job.   

Keeping track of the WordPress Upgrades and integrating them with your website requires a certain degree of technical expertise. Webcresty brings that expertise to you. Leave all your WordPress Update and Upgrade requirements to us. We have our experts constantly monitoring your website and making sure that you never miss an upgrade! 

Managed Website Security

New and Advanced Features

Have a Look at Our WordPress Upgrade Services 

Version Upgrade 

With the platform continuously thriving to be better than the best, it keeps coming up with newer versions with added features and functionalities. Make sure that you’re on the latest version with continuous version updates done for your website by our experts.

Plugin Update 

You have several plugins installed on your website for specific and added functionalities. These plugins keep getting better with time. Leverage the newer functionalities and features that your plugins have to offer with constant plugin updates. 

Security Update 

Security is the most important aspect of your website, and you need to keep strengthening it. WordPress makes that easy for you with constant security updates that you only have to sync with your website. We make that easier by doing the job for you. Keep the security on your website strong with regular security updates done by our experts.

Why Webcresty?

When it’s about the performance of your website, you look for someone who can keep it consistent with continuous monitoring and updates, so that you don’t have to shift your focus from your regular, important, and strategic tasks and activities. We are that “Someone” that you’ve been looking for. With the talents of our team, we make sure that your website never faces any trouble whatsoever. With a talented team constantly on your website, you can leverage the most scalable website capabilities that lead to business growth and success. 


How much does it cost for the upgrade?2023-04-10T13:58:51+00:00

This depends on the type of upgrade you’re seeking. We provide several packages from which you can choose a suitable one for you. In case it’s difficult for you to decide, we can schedule a meeting and our experts can guide you through the best options. 

How much time does it take for the upgrade?2023-04-10T13:59:47+00:00

The upgrades don’t take a lot of time. It’s only about the installation and synchronization, and you’re done. Our experts make efforts to complete the upgrade in real quick time making sure that there’s no downtime or data loss. 

Let’s Make Things Happen

Maximize the potential of the available resources to drive impactful results. Contact us in case of any inquiries and our dedicated team will revert you promptly. 

Working with Webcresty was an amazing experience. I was a bit skeptical about the outcome. They delivered exactly what I needed while also providing excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

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Aaron Brooks
WordPress Consultant

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