With its numerous capabilities, WordPress has covered all elements of website construction. WordPress has a market share of 60.8 percent in the CMS market, and the WordPress Plugin Directory includes over 55,000 plugins. It’s incredible to watch how quickly WordPress is gaining ground in many areas of web development on a daily basis. WordPress, on the other hand, allows you to develop not just a CMS site but also a Learning Management System (LMS) site to provide the greatest eLearning resources to everyone. So, whether you want to create an eLearning website using WordPress, or if you’re still unsure why you should utilize WordPress LMS, there are a few spectacular perks that will astound you.

Why WordPress LMS?

Before learning more about WordPress LMS and its advantages, keep in mind that you must first create a WordPress website and then purchase a domain name. After you’ve finished, you may start over with the same or a new setup, and then add plugins as needed.

As a result, the WordPress LMS plugin is just a WordPress plugin that can be linked into websites to convert them into eLearning platforms. By integrating WordPress LMS’s plugins, you can simply develop, administer, and sell your course without writing a single word of code

  • WordPress LMS Plugins

Here are some of the greatest and most interesting WordPress LMS plugins that you may research and choose the ideal one for your needs.

  • LearnDash

LearnDash is the most widely used WordPress LMS plugin, with a variety of functions. LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that is both user-friendly and versatile. You may quickly integrate the plugin and let your website give eLearning courses because WordPress is code-free.

Learndash allows you to build several courses with diverse lessons, engaging themes, and amusing quizzes using a simple drag-and-drop interface. You may also assign tasks to people and approve or comment on them for better analysis. You can move on to the next lesson once you’ve completed the previous one; otherwise, you won’t be able to.

Learndash lets you commercialize and sell your material online through subscriptions, memberships, one-time purchases, and even a shopping cart. A single site license with one year of maintenance and upgrades starts at $159.

LearnDash, for example, allows users to construct a course-related forum where students may study, engage, and assist one another.

  • MemberPress Courses

MemberPress is one of the most powerful WordPress paywalls and learning management system plugins, with features that are simple to set up and use. MemberPress Course creates a classroom in seconds using the block editor option, saving you money and time. It provides such a simple atmosphere that even beginners may accomplish it without difficulty.

MemberPress is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create a class curriculum with courses, themes, and different categories in the form of photos or videos. Isn’t it crazy?

Furthermore, MemberPress allows you to construct both free and paid courses, as well as many courses with different or specific membership choices. With the aid of a dashboard, management may be done quickly. The pricing for a single site licence starts at $149 and includes a year of maintenance, updates, and plan upgrades such as moving to a higher plan to access features like bulk corporate subscriptions.

Apart from that, MemberPress offers users access control, content dripping to restrict material, and easy connection with payment methods like as PayPal and Stripe.

  • LifterLMS

LifterLMS is another WordPress LMS plugin that comes with a useful function. Online courses and even training-based membership websites may be readily created, sold, and protected. It’s simple to set up even on existing WordPress sites.

You may do simple courses or full-fledged degree programmes, and you can even include multimedia like video, photos, text, and music. It contains content leaking, as well as several additional features like course pre-requisites and group memberships, to provide you more control.

Aside from these features, LifterLMS also includes games, certification, automatic mailings, and even built-in content controls to limit any WordPress pages on the site.

LifterLMS offers a variety of addons for managing affiliates, integrating with eCommerce plugins, and connecting to your email marketing provider, among other things.

It allows you to set up a wizard and even install a demo course for users, unlike other LMS plugins. Musicians, businesspeople, and other experts may set it up, use it, and benefit handsomely from it. It supports both free and paid additions, with individual addons costing $99 apiece (single site) and the Universal Plan costing $299 for a single site.

  • WP Courseware

WP Courseware, like the others, features a drag-and-drop course creation feature. It substantially assists you in the creation of courses by giving all of the required features and functionality. You may do different courses online and construct quizzes with a question bank.

It stands out since it includes features like teacher profiles, student grade books, personalized emails, and many others that assist to make your learning website stronger and more unique. Furthermore, WP Courseware is completely compatible with any WordPress theme. Interesting!

Individual tests, sections, and modules will be included in these courses. Courses may simply be sold out in terms of monetization. There is a built-in shopping cart that may be immediately linked to several payment gateways like PayPal, Strive, and others.

Users may also take advantage of free courses to better understand their needs before purchasing membership on the course. Pricing for two sites with one year of support and upgrades starts at $129.

  • Conclusion

With its rapid expansion, LMS has also accelerated its expansion in the eLearning sector, where a large number of individuals study or train themselves using the most engaging courses. You may also design a website that provides consumers with the most interesting, fun, and fantastic courses, along with a clear explanation. The LMS plugins mentioned above are the top WordPress LMS plugins that will help you grow and develop in order to satisfy your drive for achievement.

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