WordPress is the most popular and effective CMS platform which powers almost 40% of sites on the internet and commands 64.1% of the CMS market share. Wait what? Yes, you read it right. WordPress has done so just by providing an amazing service to its users worldwide. WordPress is free and handy which also emphasizes non-tech people to use WordPress and reap the benefits of it by using its plugins and themes. Recently, one-third of all websites use WordPress to make their website result-driven, operative, and full-functional and that’s enough to showcase the power of WordPress. But as it also provides the LMS plugin and themes which people prefer to use to add advanced features and functionalities to their eLearning website and embrace growth simultaneously. So, in this article, we’ll be going to discuss some of the major and most effective LMS themes that WordPress provides to make your website agile, operative, and full-functional. Let’s get started one by one.

WordPress LMS Themes

Every company should first assess its performance before deciding which service is ideal for them. We’ll go through the six finest WordPress LMS themes and how they may benefit you.

  • Masterstudy

Masterstudy WordPress LMS is an education and LMS WordPress theme which has been designed for the purpose of creating an eLearning website. It consists of Google fonts, WPML Support, Mailchimp subscription, custom widgets and sidebars, and the like. This theme provides a drag-and-drop interface to its users that promotes a fast and enjoyable website creation.

As WordPress is code-free, it allows you to create a unique layout page within a few clicks and even themes and plugins integration can also be done following the same. This theme allows you to sell your courses or create free or paid courses. In the Masterstudy WordPress LMS theme, you can create a teacher’s profile, leave feedback review on the basis of what they’ve learnt and want to improve.

  • Eduma

Eduma is one of the many LMS themes available on WordPress, each with its own set of characteristics that may help you achieve excellent outcomes. One of the distinctive aspects of the WordPress LMS theme that set it apart from others and allowed people to use it is the ability to choose from the 20 demos. Eduma’s other primary benefits are fast performance, mobile friendliness, compatibility for multiple plugins and themes, and frequent updates, among others. Eduma offers a library of pre-built website material to assist you in constructing an eLearning website.

Eduma is plugin-oriented, which means it will operate with any of the finest WordPress LMS plugins, the most popular of which being LearnPress. Because both the theme and the plugin were designed by the same team, Eduma WordPress LMS works best with LearnPress. As a result, Eduma is ideally suited for integrating with sophisticated plugins, offering a lengthy number of advantages.


WPLMS is a popular and high-quality WordPress LMS theme that seamlessly blends aesthetic and functionality. To help you better attract new visitors, WPLMS offers a feature called integrated premium slider plugin, which allows you to display full-sized content on the homepage to improve readability and appearance.

Furthermore, WPLMS allows you to develop and modify courses without having to deal with the hassles of back-end work since you can create and publish content straight from the front-end of the website, which is simple to use and improves user experience.

Aside from that, WPLMS has built-in support for bbPress, BuddyPress, LearnDash, and WooCommerce, making things more convenient. You may now easily integrate articles, discussion forums, social networking, and eCommerce features into your site. WPLMS also supports a number of plugins, including WP Coauthors Plus, BadgeOS, DwQ&A, and others. With over 26,000 downloads, it was an ideal choice for an eLearning website.

  • iGuru

iGuru is also a wonderful WordPress LMS theme for eLearning websites. In iGuru, you may create your website in a way that is most appropriate and pleasant for your audience while still advertising and providing your material regularly. Because iGuru is such a clean, corporate, and professional theme, it integrates seamlessly with WordPress plugins for social networking, event schedule, and email newsletter integration, among other features.

Not enough here, iGuru also provides the library of shortcodes, page layouts, mega menus, and so forth. iGuru is packed with 3 main demos, 10 portfolio layouts, 15 blog styles, 10+ inner pages, 30 custom elements, and the like. Interesting!

Moreover, iGuru provides lesson management, quiz systems, video hosting, rating and ranking systems, and more. It provides the capability to develop a multilingual website that attracts users from all around the world.

  • eLearning WP

eLearning is a modern, dynamic, and powerful WordPress LMS theme with many features such as quizzes, video documentation, units, sections, free courses, rating, and even online and offline payment gateways. Lightweight, SEO-friendly, AMP-ready, RTL-ready, completely responsive, and so on are all qualities of eLearning. It also offers customizer options like header, footer, blog page, menu, typography, layouts, and design, as well as pre-built Elementor and Gutenburg demos which could be imported with a few clicks.

  • Edukul

Edukul is a superb WordPress LMS theme for creating and publishing eLearning courses. Because of its drag-and-drop capability, you can alter the design and even personalize it to your needs in a matter of minutes with the WPBakery page builder. It’s totally customizable, retina-ready, and responsive, so it’ll operate and look beautiful on any device. Edukul also has various headers, a slider revolution, and other features that make it a great match for your eLearning website. The Edukul theme is compatible with WPBakery Page Builder, Mailchimp, and WooCommerce, among other things.

Edukul offers a variety of features, including several demonstrations, quick responsiveness, constant updates, premium support, multilingual and translatable content, and much more, all of which will leave you satisfied.


WordPress LMS themes are an effective and efficient way to design your website and enhance its look and feel seamlessly. To better build the website, nothing can beat WordPress, as it will assist you to completely cover all the aspects of the website and will you leave you satisfied with a plethora of benefits. Here, we’ve discussed some of the major WordPress LMS themes that might impact your website and consistently make it versatile, engaging, and give a user-friendly customer experience.

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