Do you know the reason behind the booming of the LMS industry? Online learning and educational platforms got the required recognition due to covid 19 and thus gradually the offline education got a new home and the devices that were earlier used by professionals for working and children for playing are now being used by children for studying.

Education institutes are trying hard to provide their students with the best possible education, thus shifting their learning programs to an online platform that is easily accessible by their students at any given place.
There are various online platforms and apps being built but few of them have the most required features working in a proper and bug-free manner.
Due to the market being captured by online learning platforms various LMS (learning management systems) got introduced and established themselves as very useful tools.

Before talking about these tools let’s discuss what are the most important features an online learning platform must-have.

  • Strong Reporting and Data Analysis Functionality

Building any kind of app and leaving it without proper analysis would bring no profit to the company and thus you need to take care of the analysis part. There are various reasons for tracking the users at your site which include:

  • Reduce the overall cost,
  • Know where your potential users are spending most of the time.
  • Run ads in order to bring traffic to your site
  • Know where your potential user stucks at your site.
  • To Know which page on your site is getting the least attention.
  • Improve the experience of your users.
  • Know the lessons your students are finding difficulty in.
  • To Know whether your students are participating in the discussion or not.
  • Provide detailed feedback.

Hence to know all these necessary details you need to have an analysis and reporting feature in your tool.

The LMS tool you choose for your online learning platform must provide reports on:

  • The number of visitors to your website.
  • The most visited pages of your website.
  • The rate of course completion.
  • The bounce rate of any course or page.
  • The time spent on any page, session tracking, etc.
  • Track Student Progress And Feedback

In offline education, there is a practice of providing report cards to the students and this ensures that the parents and teachers are well aware of the performance of their kids, but what about online education, what if you are thinking that your kid is using your computer for educational purposes but is playing games during the class hours?

Thus there is a need to know the progress of a child in online education as well and this will help the educational institutions make decisions on:

  • Which are the strong subjects of a student?
  • The subjects they face problems in learning?
  • Which subjects need more time?

This feedback feature will also ensure that your student gets a timely appreciation on his/her good performance and know in which area they need improvement. Hence providing a clear picture to the student about where he/she stands.

  • Student Management

Through these student management systems, the students on their end develop a sense of learning and exploring. The student management feature will help you in

  • Enrolling students in bulk.
    Filtering the students as per their performances.
  • Organizing the students into different groups.
  • The functionality keeps track of students’ attendance.
  • Through these features, others can also manage their students.
  • Teacher Management Tools

An e-learning website is not only useful for students but is also an important tool for teachers.

Educational institutes are being run with the help of multiple people and thus for different reasons you may lose many of the potential students.

Multiple payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, etc. along with easy checkout is the best feature any LMS would provide.

  • Mobile-friendly Features

Online learning is appreciated since students have the freedom to learn from anywhere but learning is also easy since students can do it with the help of mobile devices which are something the present generation know how to access from the age of 5.

Thus, your LMS tool must have the feature of mobile-friendliness. This will ensure that the course they are watching or learning is uninterrupted and provide a similar feature to what is available in the case of a computer.

  • Social Features

Group study is something which is traditionally considered the best one for students as they can discuss their problems and get solutions for them, they also love solving problems with their friends, and hence your LMS tool must provide features that allow the learners to learn in groups and take help from each other to solve the complexity of any subject.

Subjects they have different faculties. Handling these teachers also becomes an important aspect in a big institute and thus the teacher management feature needs to be present in the LMS tool.

The maintenance of teachers’ affairs and activities is mandatory and thus this is a very necessary feature, the regular functions it must provide are:

  • You can add multiple instructors.
  • The payments, dates, and other details.
  • The management of the roles of a teacher.
  • Courses assigned to them or if other things are assigned etc.

Hence to provide good working experience to the teacher management tool must be present in an LMS.

  • Virtual Classroom

Another important feature an LMS tool must provide is virtual Classroom. A visual classroom helps in the engagement of the instructors, students and the learning material through a conference. Virtual Classroom comes with features like:

  • We can moderate Students’ Participation.
  • The form of documents, slide decks, or multimedia files displays the learning material.
  • The virtual whiteboard feature of LMS enables Screen sharing which enriches the learning experience.
  • The participant can use break-out rooms and instructors can join them.
  • Poles and quizzes help to engage participants.
  • Record sessions and can manage them.

The best choice is to provide a controlled environment with a learning experience that is interactive and engaging and features that reach beyond the in-class experience virtual classroom.

  • Payment Methods

The most important feature of any LMS is the payment method. You might be providing the best courses, with easy learning methods and other features but if your payment procedure is not easy the students might find it difficult to buy your course or to enroll in your course hence you have to choose a tool which provides the payment method with an easy procedure.

If your course is not easy to access as of your competitor the chances are that

Since after reading the features an LMS must provide its time for you to decide which one to go for.

Our answer for this will be hands down “Learndash”. It will transform your WordPress site into a powerful learning management system (LMS) in minutes.

This tool will help in creating & selling courses, tracking user progress, delivering certificates, award points & badges etc. in minutes.

  • LearnDash Popularity

Major universities use LearnDash as it is the trusted WordPress LMS, Fortune 500 companies, and other best-selling authors.

LearnDash provides Immense unique features and benefits some of which are mentioned below:

  • Intuitive course builder

In Order to simplify course creation LearnDash provides you an easy-to-use drag and drop course builder. Hence this feature enables you to add sections, lessons, topics, quizzes, assignments, etc. and you don’t have to jump between pages.

You can build courses with the help of Learndash from start to finish. Before publishing a content you can rearrange content and preview your courses.

  • Smart focus mode

This mode made the learning more effective and focused hence LearnDash helps learners to focus on completing their courses since this feature helps in eliminating distractions.

  • Quizzing and assignment capabilities

Quizzes keep the learners interested in the content and make learning more effective by providing a clear view about the capability of the learner.

And in LearnDash you can mix and match assignments with the help of quiz builder which offers an all-inclusive question bank.

  • Managing Courses

With the help of LearnDash you can create and manage courses and the learners from the LMS itself. Based on the triggers you set, LearnDash allows you to automatically send out notification reminders and emails.

Benefits of Using LearnDash

  • Time Saving

Being beginner-friendly, Learndash saves a lot of crucial time. You create an LMS in hours with the help of LearnDash which provides an easy-to-use interface, ready-to-access documentation, and video tutorials.

  • Payment Options

With LearnDash e-learning professionals are at will to build and sell online courses with different purchase models and payment options.

  • Focus On User Roles

User roles can make administrative tasks fairly easy. The admins have the power to manage users’ courses, assignments, quizzes, challenge exams, and more.

  • Performance Reports

The various reporting features in LearnDash including the learner’s progress helps to quickly generate insightful performance report.

Since LearnDash is the most popular LMS in 2022 with all the above-mentioned features and benefits, if you plan to have your own educational platform you must definitely go for LearnDash and acquire the amazing functionalities it provides.

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