Being a free, open-source website creation platform, WordPress has to deal with a lot of myths. There are various assumptions in the market related to WordPress leading to the creation of an image which is misleading.

This article will cover all the myths about WordPress and try to resolve them. After reading it you might start searching for WordPress Website Migration Service.

Before moving towards the myths let me brief you about the several benefits associated with a WordPress site:

Benefits of Having a WordPress Website

  • Ease of Use

Unlike other software, WordPress is quite easy to use. Thus, WordPress is loved by people who want to get rid of the coding stuff.

WordPress allows you to do tasks quickly. For example, adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. can be done by anyone.

Due to an easy interface WordPress saves a lot of time which is generally taken in formatting and other activities.

Making a single webpage might involve a lot of coding and thus people are way too afraid of entering into such trouble. With WordPress the maximum part of the design work is done by itself.

  • It’s Free

WordPress, being an easy software, is free as well. This can be downloaded from (note the .org), and it won’t cost a thing. Thus, anything which is free is most often liked and used.

  • Attractive design options

The outer layer of your website is the theme. Without having to dig into the guts of your code with WordPress themes you can change between any number of different styles and layouts.

You can make your choice between free and premium themes. SEO plugins and other functionalities are present in many of the premium themes.

WordPress has industry wise themes like landscapers, attorneys, pizza restaurants, and so help me, skydiving schools.

  • Plugins

WordPress allows you to extend the functionality of your site with plugins. For SEO you can install the Yoast SEO plugin.

Hence there are around 22,000+ plugins available for free on WordPress. There’s a library of plugins in WordPress that can be installed in just a few minutes with a variety of purposes.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the help of WordPress search engine optimization becomes a piece of cake. The use of H1, H2 and H3 tags, the use of keywords in your website URL, and supporting plug-ins like SEO Ultimate, All-In-One-SEO-Pack, Platinum SEO Pack, Yoast WordPress SEO, etc. is provided in WordPress.

  • Easy content management

WordPress allows you to assign editors, authors, administrators and limits their freedom. Through this you can simplify things. Managing content has never been easier than this.
If you are smart enough to edit a Word document, you can edit content on your WordPress website.

  • Open source

WordPress allows anyone to modify or enhance its source code. By thousands of developers around the world WordPress is being improved every day. A stream of new plugins is created everyday by the developers.

Even after all the above-mentioned benefits provided by WordPress there are several myths which bring the WordPress users in doubt.

Myths Associated With WordPress

  • WordPress is just for bloggers

Many of you might have heard about this one. People keep on saying that WordPress is a site just for bloggers. But is this true?

Though in 2003 when WordPress was invented it was just a blogging platform. Its creation was done keeping in mind the needs of a blogger. Hence the design and primary features were created as per their needs.

But even at that time WordPress was used for other purposes as well. But over the past 15 years the platform has grown and developed a lot.

Hence WordPress is not just a blogging tool now. WordPress can now be used to create a fully functional website. And it contains a good Content Management System (CMS) as well.

The credit of this process can be given to the flexibility of the core platform. But, the plugins available in WordPress are like the cherry on the top. These plugins encompass just about every feature or functionality you could imagine.

Now this doesn’t mean that WordPress is no longer used by bloggers. This progress just contradicts the myth associated with WordPress. Hence currently is used by business sites, portfolios, e-commerce stores, forums, knowledge bases, and much more.

  • WordPress Isn’t Scalable

The scalability of WordPress is always questioned. The reason behind this could be because WordPress is “free” or just “a community project” that came out of the blues.

People keep on asking questions like will my WordPress site crash if traffic increases on it?

People need to understand that WordPress is not the reason for your site going down. It is the web host who is the culprit. WordPress will support your site regardless of the size or amount of traffic you generate.

  • There Are Security Issues in WordPress

People keep on whispering that WordPress is less secure than some other proprietary software. But that’s not true. You need to understand the fact that any or every website can suffer from malware and hacker attacks having any CMS.

Infact to overcome this issue WordPress is coming up with continuous updates and latest plugins. These updates help to make WordPress a better and more secure platform. Security of your site can also be increased through various plug-ins.

And yes, the question here is which is the software you can claim to be 100% foolproof? The smallest of vulnerabilities in any software is the target of hackers. Contributions from the enormous WordPress community strengthen our beloved CMS one update at a time.

  • WordPress Only Supports smaller sites

People keep on saying that WordPress is fine for modest sites, but won’t ‘scale up’ to work with more ambitious projects.

WordPress is designed to be easy to pick up and due to this reason, it might seem deceptively simple at first. But WordPress can provide a solid foundation for even the largest sites.

WordPress is flexible due to the following reasons:

  • WordPress platform is stable and is designed to perform smoothly. As such, it isn’t going to experience problems when you get a lot of visitors (as long as you choose a quality hosting provider).
  • WordPress can be shaped to meet the demands of complex sites and it is highly customizable, which means it.
  • To help you address the demands of a high-traffic site there are many plugins available. Caching functionality can be added to keep speeds high, and even improve the search feature.
  • WordPress Does not Support eCommerce

It has been said that WordPress doesn’t uphold eCommerce. Naturally, WordPress doesn’t have a shopping basket as its feature.

WordPress modules come with advanced plugins that add eCommerce usefulness to WordPress. The most well-known of them is WooCommerce, which controls over 42% of eCommerce sites on the planet.

Whether you need to sell actual merchandise or advanced downloads, you will actually want to do that effectively with one of the WordPress eCommerce modules.

For selling products online WordPress is a great solution. WordPress offers numerous ecommerce-focused plugins that help you to sell products on your site.

The WooCommerce plugin of WordPress allows you to:

  • Create eye-catching storefronts
  • Optimize your pages for search engines
  • Customize product pages
  • Choose from multiple payment gateways
  • Set your shipping options
  • Calculate sales tax with ease
  • WordPress Provides Limited Support

A common concern raised by some beginner level WordPress users is that support by WordPress is not proper since they feel that they are not giving any kind of money for any service.

But this is a clear myth as there is a lot of WordPress support available over the internet. There is very active support provided by, the official website. On this site you can ask your questions for free and get help from other WordPress users.

There are tons of tutorials and guides for Beginner.

  • WordPress Sites Are Quite Similar

There is a common assumption between the developers that all the WordPress sites look similar to each other. There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available and themes play a major role in changing the look and layout of your site.

There are many inexperienced users who are likely to simply use the few default themes that are included with WordPress.

This is one of the reasons for the existence of this myth. A lot of customization options are available in individual themes as well.

You can create a site that is clearly different from any other built When you combine this fact with the sheer number of distinct themes and WordPress’ own flexibility.


Every single myth that pops up on the internet can be good and exciting enough to overwhelm you. But trust me WordPress is exactly the CMS you’ve been looking for. Many people are currently looking for WordPress migration services. Over time WordPress has only grown bigger and more popular. I hope that this article unfolded the true power of WordPress and helped you debunk the common WordPress myths. To sum it all, your WordPress site will look exactly how you want it to look!


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