You have a website development services provider who has been working on your website with all his talent and efforts and has created a good functional WordPress website for you. But then, in due course of time, you want a change or two on your website, and you ask your developer to do it. But as soon as the changes happen, you see your website is nothing like it looked. It is completely distorted and disoriented. Or even worse! You just have your whole website blanked out. It has crashed. Shocked? Panicked? You sure will be. And you would do everything to save this situation.

It is for this reason that the website development services providers create a staging website after making the original website live.

WordPress Staging Site

What is WordPress Staging Site?

A staging website, also known as a testing website or a WordPress Development Site or a development environment, is a clone of your original live business website. It is like an offline version that only you can access. The public will not even know about it.

The website looks exactly like the live website with the same themes, plugins, and databases. The purpose of this website is to test the changes you want to make to the live website. Since this website is not visible to the public, you will not get into trouble even if it crashes. You can make as many changes to it as you like and look at the results. Then after the finalization of a particular change as being perfect, you can directly deploy that change to your live website. This way, you are always sure that your live website is giving out fantastic experiences all the time.

There are many benefits that you can achieve with this kind of staging environment for your website. You can make sure of good user experiences, troubleshoot bugs and errors, and the best part; you can work on it offline. Let us have a look at these benefits in a more elaborative form so that you could understand why a WordPress Development Website is a must-have for the smooth functioning of your live website.

Benefits of a WordPress Staging Site

  • 1. Testing of Bugs and Errors

Bugs and errors are the last things that you want to have on your live website. First, it will limit the user experiences; second, it will bring out a situation where you have to bring your website down completely. This will mean a loss of a point of contact with your customers, and you getting ousted from the market competition for a considerable time. And this can cost you a lot of money.

So, what you want is to test for all the bugs and errors on your website before making it live. And you can do this over a staging website. The staging website is an offline platform in your hand where you can always check everything beforehand and be sure that everything is just perfect.

  • 2. Troubleshooting the Bugs and Errors

Even after your website goes live, you cannot be sure that it will not face any bugs or errors. On the contrary, you can be sure that it will. This will then require you to troubleshoot those bugs and errors, which will, in turn, require making changes, disabling features and functionalities, and at times bringing your website down for a little while. All this will give out extremely bad user experiences and may cost you a lot.

But with a staging website, you can troubleshoot all the bugs and errors on it and leave your live website free from interruptions. Once you are sure that all the things are perfect and the bugs have been troubleshot and fixed, you can deploy the changes to the live website.

The best part is you need not worry about the website being down while you are troubleshooting and working on the bugs and errors. So, you can take all the time you want to make sure that everything comes out as perfect.

  • 3. Testing of Changes

You sure want to keep your website as good as new all the time so that it always stays appealing to your audiences. For this, you would consider changing themes and designs on your website. But you do not want to do that directly to your live website. Trial and Testing things are a big no for a live website. They can distort the user experiences, and what you were aiming to bring you good, will completely backfire.

With a staging website, you can keep testing the themes, templates, and designs, be sure about what looks good, what is more appealing, what will give better user experiences. Once you are sure about a theme, you can take that to the live website.

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  • 4. Maintaining the SEO Rankings

SEO plays a very crucial role on your website. This is what helps you rank on the search engines and bring the essential traffic to your website. You also need to keep this maintained by keeping your website free from bugs and errors and making sure that it does not go down. With a staging website, you are always testing for the errors and bugs on your website, and this makes sure that there is no problem with your website or its content. This greatly helps maintain the search engine rankings by keeping your website optimized all the time.

  • 5. Maintaining Good User Experiences

It is always good and preferable to keep adding features and functionalities through the use of plugins on your website. This essentially leads to enhanced user experiences. However, doing this directly on the live website is never a wise decision. You do not know how the change will work. So, what is needed is you first test the change and be sure about it. A staging website helps with that.

With a staging website, you can test all the changes you are planning to make to your live website. After being sure about the change, you can deploy the change to a live website. This ensures that there is no such change on the website that hampers the user experiences as a result of testing and experiments. So, with such perfection in making the changes, you can ensure that all the changes you are making give out amazing user experiences and also that they are well-maintained.

  • 6. You Can Work Offline

This is probably the best part. The staging website is an offline version of your live website, so you need not depend on an internet connection to work on it. You can work on this website any time, anywhere, even from remote places. This is going to save considerable time for you and also ensure a 24/7 monitoring of your website.

These are some of the major benefits that you can achieve from a staging website. A staging website can help a long way in helping you manage your website smoothly. With all that it offers, even you will now agree that it is a must-have. So, get a WordPress Development Site at the earliest and have your website function all the more effectively, efficiently, and smoothly.

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