The purpose of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) is to distribute the static content of a site to ensure improvement in loading speed. Images, videos, and HTML files often make up the static content.

This article explains how WordPress CDN services can make your website extremely fast. In addition, we’ll discuss how CDNs can speed up your website.

What Are the Benefits of a CDN?

Caching is performed by CDN services on their servers so that your website content is cached. When a user attempts to access your website, its contents are delivered from a server that is closest to them. Therefore, the content delivered by the nearest server makes the content loading speed much faster. It is important to note that a CDN does not act as your website’s host. It only stores the static part of the content of your website to enable a faster user experience.


What are the Benefits of WordPress CDNs?

A web hosting service is normally responsible for delivering the contents of your website. In any case, as the number of visitors to your website grows, the performance or speed will slowly decline. This is especially true if you’re using a shared hosting service.

In extreme cases, the hosting server might even crash if your website traffic is too high. All this can be prevented by using a CDN service that is both efficient and reliable.

So basically, we can consider that a CDN service is extremely essential for your WordPress website. Following are some of the best CDN services that you should definitely consider for your WordPress website:

  • Google Cloud CDN

The Google Cloud CDN, with over 100 points of presence worldwide, allows many cloud providers to deploy WordPress with a single click. It supports modern protocols like HTTP and QUIC developed at Google. As a result, site performance is improved, even for mobile users. Further, Google Cloud CDN comes with SSL (TLS) certificates so you won’t have to repurchase them.

  • Cloudflare

A free version of Cloudflare is an excellent selection for users who are considering investing in a CDN. The CDNs additionally block bad traffic very effectively, making them a great choice for websites with high traffic. Moreover, the static content of your website is automatically cached whenever you update it. Moreover, you have complete control over choosing the content to be cached.

  • CDN 77

For WordPress, CDN 77 is a highly reliable and fast CDN service. With a capacity of 60 Tbps+ and a cache hit rate of 97%, it is one of the fastest CDN services available in the market. Additionally, to its impressive speed, CDN 77 offers a secure platform. Further, CDN 77 provides updated security features that have recently been updated for all the HTTPS connections.

Comparing different geographical regions and timeframes is possible through detailed analytics of data. The PoPs in which your data is stored can also be controlled by you. Moreover, to integrate the CDN 77 with WordPress, you just need a plugin that enables CDN.

  • StackPath

CDN services provided by StackPath are among the best in the world. Stackpath gives users total control over caching of their entire content. The method, duration, and location of archiving the content can all be tailored with respect to the individual requirements that you have.

Also, StackPath CDN installations are really easy to perform. Powered by W3 Total Cache, it works flawlessly with WordPress caching plugins. Moreover, StackPAth CSN allows you to analyze the usage and requests for bandwidth, besides various more options.

  • Imperva CDN

Global threats can linger around your website if the website is working at a global level. By using the CDN service called Imperva CDN, you can avoid spam by rerouting bots to various alternative sites. Its DDoS mitigation is 24/7, and its capacity of over 6 Tbps makes Imperva CDN one of the best CDNs for WordPress. With its machine learning capabilities, it easily and effectively caches both static and dynamic pages.

  • Conclusion

WordPress is the most widely used host for websites around the globe. Companies are utilizing the custom WordPress development services and WordPress integration services because these services have benefited many businesses enormously.

But, leveraging its benefits at optimal levels needs some additional add-on features and services. CDN services are one of those features and services. Many businesses that utilized CDN services for their WordPress websites are now one of the success stories of WordPress websites.

It is extremely beneficial to use WordPress CDN services if you have high traffic and a vast amount of content on your WordPress site. Further, your site’s security will also be enhanced when you use the best WordPress CDN.

You can use CDN services to boost traffic to your website from all over the world by using one of the most effective and efficient tools available. More traffic will be directed to your website and the user experience will improve due to the improved speed making your website more interactive.

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