WordPress, the very popular content management platform, which has initially been started as a small platform meant for blogging, has conquered the world of content management.

Currently, WordPress is an excellent Content management platform which is used by several websites around the globe. The flexibility and user friendliness of the WordPress platform is what has led WordPress in becoming one of the most widely used content management platforms.

Among the various services that WordPress provides its users with lies the feature of PSD to WordPress Conversion Services. Although this platform was built for simple blogging, today WordPress has evolved into a successful content management platform which comprises multiple advance outputs and themes which allows easy customization. The ease of use and abundance of services has led to WordPress becoming famous for the development of websites and web portals.

PSD to WordPress

What is PSD to WordPress Conversion Services?

PSD to WordPress Conversion Services refers to the process of converting a Photoshop document into WordPress. This process is extremely complicated and difficult. However, WordPress makes this process pretty convenient by providing its customers with a fully functioning WordPress theme that comes along with multiple diverse features. WordPress is an excellent platform for the creation of a highly featured and truly customized website which can be created by converting the PSD into WordPress by means of the uncountable exclusive features present in WordPress. Thus, WordPress serves by allowing you to create a fully customized website for your business.

It allows you to create a distinct and fully customized website for your business in a fairly less time. The time taken for the conversion of PSD into a fully customized WordPress document depends upon the complexity of the WordPress theme which you have chosen.

How is PSD converted to WordPress?

A PSD is converted into WordPress by incorporating any theme from the various themes in WordPress and then working on it for creating a unique and fully customized website. The PSD is converted into WordPress by adding some of the best and advanced cutting edge web technologies including, HTML5, PHP, CSS3, Java Script, and more. Through the PSD to WordPress Conversion Services, a PSD file is converted into a fully responsive WordPress.

PSD to WordPress Conversion Services are generally carried out via the following processes:

  • 1. Converting PSD to HTML and then to WordPress

The simplest way to do PSD to WordPress Conversion is by converting your PSP document file into an HTML file. The HTML file is converted into WordPress by adding any relevant WordPress theme. Knowing HTML is essential for this process of conversion.

  • 2. Converting PSD to WordPress by means of a Page Builder

This process requires a page builder and a base theme for customizing the design of the WordPress document after converting the PSD into WordPress. A potential benefit of this method is that it does not necessarily require coding knowledge.

Steps of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Following are the basic steps that are used for the conversion of a PSD file into a WordPress document:

1. Use different folders for storing the different designs of PSD in WordPress. Make sure to maintain the correct PSD theme and save each file carefully.

2. Work on creating the relevant HTML and CSS files. Be careful and attentive with the codes that you will get in this step.

3. Assign each of the HTML or CSS files with proper class reference and then save these files.

4. Now, introduce the theme structure of the PSD into the HTML file.

5. Go ahead by following the specific order of the files in WordPress with a .php extension.

6. Convert the HTML or CSS codes into the WordPress theme. On doing this, the code breaks down into several files.

7. At this step, you have to customize your website with the chosen theme.

8. Replace all the HTML files with the consequent .php files that have been created.

9. Now incorporate the tags of WordPress and the selected theme to customize your WordPress.

10. Enhance the customization of WordPress by adding advanced functionalities.

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  • What is a PSD?

PSD refers to Photoshop Document.

  • What is meant by a WordPress Theme?

The theme in WordPress is a collection of various templates and stylesheets used for creating a website.

  • What is an RWD in WordPress?

An RWD or Responsive Web Design is a technique which is incorporated for creating a WordPress with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 Media Queries for the automatic adjustment of a webpage.

  • What is PSD to HTML?

PSD to HTML means the process of conversion of a Photoshop Document into an HTML file following some specific relevant codes.

  • What is CSS in WordPress?

CSS or cascading variables are used for editing and customizing the appearance of any website of WordPress.

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Therefore, we ensure to incorporate the latest features of WordPress and to provide you with the best of PSD to WordPress Conversion Services. At the same time, we aim to create a distinct and attractive website that would stand out from the crowd.

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