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Any CMS to WordPress Migration

Supercharge your CMS website by migrating it to WordPress. Take advantage of additional features that boost your site’s overall performance and result in an improved site speed & user experience. 

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Packages Starting From*


Bring Your Website to the Right CMS! All You Need is A WordPress Migration  

In today’s business world, the first thing your clients and customers will look up to is a business website. Before connecting with you and getting acquainted, they’ll gather information about you, your business, products, services, etc., from your website. So, having a strong web presence with an excellent website that’s giving out details about you in a fantastic manner is imperative.

But what makes a fantastic website? Well, that’s a question with dependency on many factors.

However, what does not make a good website is getting on with development on any random CMS, which is a common thing most businesses pursue in a jiffy to get a business website up and running.

For a great business website, you need to look at the business model, needs, and requirements, and then choose a CMS that would suit everything perfectly. However, this procedure is mostly skipped and the result is a low-performing website.

Can you relate to this? Well, if yes, a WordPress migration can be a useful solution.

WordPress is the most advanced CMS for website development with its extendable features and high-end customization ability. It’s the place where your website can see exponential and tremendous growth and success. So, moving a website facing the limitations of a not-so-good CMS to WordPress will be smart business.

Are you ready to get into this smart business?

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Have a Look at Our CMS to WordPress Migration Services 

Joomla to WordPress Migration

Joomla is an amazing platform, but only if you’re a technical person. With Joomla, all you can see is coding and programming and there’s extreme dependency on the developers and IT staff. Overcome the dependencies and limitations by migrating your Joomla Website to WordPress with the help of our experts at Webcresty.

Wix to WordPress Migration

When you want a basic website, Wix is good. However, you want to make your business big and an advanced website with smart features becomes a prerequisite. Meet the requirements by moving your existing basic website on Wix to WordPress with an expert and seamless Wix to WordPress Migration done by talented developers at Webcresty.

Drupal to WordPress Migration

With Drupal, you can have great capabilities for your website, however, it’s a developer-centric platform and you can’t make any changes without writing code. That makes managing the website very difficult and challenging. Overcome the issue by simply migrating your website to WordPress where it’s easy to make changes and modifications due to the amazing user-friendliness of the platform.

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Why Webcresty?

Migrating your website from any CMS to WordPress requires deep knowledge of and technical expertise in both the platforms. Lacking in any aspect in any of the CMS involved can make the entire process go wrong and your website down the drains. So, you want a team that’s brilliant with multiple CMS, and Webcresty stands there! With our talented developers, we take pride in working on any CMS out there and providing your business with the most scalable and engaging websites that bring fantastic results and grow your business exponentially.

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How much time will it take to complete the migration?2023-04-04T10:48:10+00:00

It usually takes at least one hour per page, which may increase depending on the design of the web pages. So, the time required to complete the migration totally depends on the number of pages that need to be migrated. 

How much will the migration cost me?2023-04-04T10:49:21+00:00

This depends on the size of your website. The more the number of pages that need migration, the more the cost. We have different packages you can choose from or can even get a customized package specific to your business’ requirements. 

Will there be any downtime my website has to suffer?2023-04-04T10:49:51+00:00

No, the website will keep functioning normally even during the migration and there shall be zero to minimal downtime. 

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Working with Webcresty was an amazing experience. I was a bit skeptical about the outcome. They delivered exactly what I needed while also providing excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

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