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Static Website to WordPress Website Migration Services

Did you fall for those low-cost static websites for creating an online presence but are now finding them less worthy due to the limitations they pose? Does it feel like you are wasting time and valuable resources by continuing to use these static websites running on basic HTML codes that are not doing much good? Save the trouble by simply taking your website to the powerful WordPress platform with a simple migration performed by the experts at Webcresty! 

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Packages Starting From*


It’s About Time to Power Your Website with a Powerful CMS – Because It Deserves That! 

Corporate Business Websites remain at the core to create a web and digital presence and establish brand visibility and value. However, the traditional methods whereby websites are created using static HTML codes have become obsolete. The need is to have a very user-friendly website that’s easy to understand yet has advanced features and functionalities. A powerful CMS meets that requirement. So, if your business website is running on a static platform, it’s time to migrate it.   

With your business website on WordPress, you can easily achieve advanced and smart features and functionalities coming with tremendous ease of use and offering amazingly excellent and stupendous user-experiences. That said, you can figure out for yourself that WordPress is where your website needs to be, and if it’s somewhere else, you can get it on this CMS with a simple WordPress Migration carried out by expert, experienced, and talented developers at Webcresty.   

So, are you ready to take your website where it needs to be? 

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Content Migration 

The website content builds up its base and helps the visitors know and get acquainted with you. This is how you describe yourself, your business, its mission, vision, services, and every other aspect encompassing the organization. Additionally, content encompasses the SEO aspect as well which is important for the rankings and website traffic. Make sure to have this valuable content intact on the new WordPress website with a seamless content migration done by our experts making sure that the migration does not suffer any data loss.

Media Migration 

Media like images, videos, audios, and other attachments add to the appeal and attractiveness of the website and optimizing the same for SEO requires hours and months of effort. So, you can definitely not lose this media during migration and want to make sure that all the media is well moved and aligned with the new WordPress website. Achieve seamless media migration with zero data loss and efficient alignment and optimization with the experts at Webcresty.

Meta Data Migration 

You’ve put in hours and months to optimize the meta titles, descriptions, and tags on the website to achieve brilliant levels of SEO and rankings. Any change in this meta data can bring you back to square one from the SEO perspective. Make sure that you remain where you have been even after the migration with a seamless migration of the SEO meta data to the new WordPress website done by the experts at Webcresty!

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Migrating a static website to WordPress requires a great deal of technical expertise. You need to have deep coding and programming knowledge so that you can seamlessly migrate the codes and make sure that your existing website is moved to WordPress without any downtime or data loss. With our experienced and talented team, we achieve that easily. We have a team with a pool of talent, knowledge, and technical expertise and we use this pool in the most efficient ways to deliver brilliant and successful migration projects. You can be our next big project! Are you ready to take your website up a notch by bringing it on WordPress? 

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How much time will it take to complete the migration?2023-04-04T12:01:48+00:00

It usually takes at least one hour per page, which may increase depending on the design of the web pages. So, the time required to complete the migration totally depends on the number of pages that need to be migrated. 

How much will the migration cost me?2023-04-04T12:02:18+00:00

This depends on the size of your website. The more the number of pages that need migration, the more the cost. We have different packages you can choose from or can even get a customized package for specific to business’ requirements. 

Will there be any downtime my website has to suffer?2023-04-04T12:02:48+00:00

No, the website will keep functioning normally even during the migration and there shall be zero to minimal downtime. 

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Working with Webcresty was an amazing experience. I was a bit skeptical about the outcome. They delivered exactly what I needed while also providing excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

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