Are you interested in checking the website traffic for any site, including your own? By checking the traffic to your website, you can determine how well your site performs in comparison to your competitors. Several tools are available online that let you check the traffic of any website listed in this article.
Website Traffic

What Are The Reasons For Checking Your Website Traffic?

You can keep track of your WordPress website’s performance by using the stats available on your site. When you track the traffic to your WordPress site you will have an idea of where it comes from, how your visitors engage with your site, and what digital marketing strategies are working.

If you are interested in increasing your email subscribers, increasing sales to your online store, or just getting more traffic overall, then you should regularly check your website analytics. When you track the traffic on your site, you’ll be able to see how well it’s doing and what needs to happen to improve it.

Analyzing the website traffic statistics of your competitors can provide lots of useful insights on:

  • Which posts and pages are bringing the most traffic to your competitors.
  • Rankings of your competitors for different keywords.
  • Their traffic-driving channels.

A variety of actions can be taken based on these data, including improving keyword research, link-building processes, and content marketing strategies. When you know what topics and keywords your competitors are using, you are likely to get more traffic for your site.

  • Google Search Console

You can analyze your search engine traffic using Google Search Console, a free tool from Google. The tool does a comprehensive analysis of how your website performs on search engines. The search engine results page shows the click-through rate (CTR), average position, and the number of impressions for your keywords.

By knowing the search volume of your keywords, you’re able to know what keywords rank for you. By utilizing this information, you can significantly improve your traffic. Google Search Console allows you to view and analyze your website data very easily after you have added your site.

  • MonsterInsights

When it comes to analyzing your own traffic, you should only use Google Analytics. It is difficult, however, to set up and analyze your own Google Analytics data on your own. It is recommended to use MonsterInsights in this scenario. This plugin for WordPress is the best one for Google Analytics, used by millions of users across the world. Therefore, it is easy to establish and monitor your website’s traffic directly through your WordPress dashboard using Google Analytics through MonsterInsights.

  • SEMRush

All in one place, SEMRush gives you the ability to analyze traffic and research your competition. Analyzing and monitoring traffic for a website is made easy with it. Enter your competitor’s URL, and the tool will show you the traffic for your competitors.

In addition, you can look at important metrics like the number of visitors over time, traffic distribution by country, the keywords that brought them traffic, and more. It’s important that you know what keywords you have to rank for regardless of whether you’re creating new content or optimizing an existing one. Site traffic analytics reveal the number of unique visitors, the number of visits, the average duration and number of page views, as well as bounce rates.

Bulk Traffic Analysis is another excellent feature, which allows you to analyze multiple competitors’ traffic levels simultaneously. The number of websites you can compare depends on the plan that you subscribe for. By using it, you can find out the top traffic sites for your niche and see how you can take advantage of them. Moreover, detailed analytics reports are also provided that identify the primary referral sites, the most valuable pages on the sites, and where the traffic comes from.

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  • SimilarWeb

When you use SimilarWeb to check your competitor’s traffic and channels, you can see how much traffic they receive and how often they use them.

Further, using SimilarWeb, you won’t just get traffic reports, but full reports about a website’s entire traffic strategy. You will get a breakdown of the traffic after you run the tool through a website, including a report for varying countries.

With SimilarWeb, several engagement metrics are available to you, including average visit duration, source of traffic, and bounce rate.

Moreover, you’ll learn which paid keywords generate the most traffic to the site, along with what social channels the site is using to monetize.

Furthermore, you will receive a detailed audience breakdown, information on additional sites that your audience is interested in, affiliate sites that are referring traffic, and competitor sites for further analysis.

  • Conclusion

There are many tools available for checking the traffic on your website and the traffic of your competitors. Analyzing competitor traffic will help you gain a better understanding of your market and how to improve it. Monitoring your own website traffic will help you ensure you are making use of social media, SEO, and various other marketing methods that will drive traffic.

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